Our Commitment to the Community

Community Cards was founded by Fr. Dennis Strouzas and Presbytera Paula Bourikas Strouzas in 1978 out of their home in Palatine, IL, using the beautiful iconography of their dear friend, Shirley Kontos (of blessed memory).

“We came up with the original idea of ‘Community Cards’ as a fundraiser for our own parish. We saw an opportunity for people in their communities to reach out to one another during the Christmas and Easter holidays, strengthening their ties while supporting their church.”

“We take pride in our quality, composition, attention to detail and personalized customer service as a small, family-owned and operated business. We are proud to have served Orthodox Christian communities across the country for over 35 years.”

Fr. Dennis and Presbytera Paula moved to their current parish on Long Island, NY, in 1984, where they raised their two children, and where they continue to live and minister to the needs of their community.

About the Iconography

athanasiosclarkAthanasios Clark

Having studied for five years starting in 1984 in Thessaloniki, Greece under Master Iconographer, Kostas Tsilsavides, Athanasios (Tom) Clark, originally from Chicago of Greek descent, has painted churches throughout the U.S.

His portable icons are in churches and homes both in the U.S. and abroad and include a panel icon given as a gift by His Eminence Archbishop lakovos to Pope John Paul II.

Click here to learn more about Athanasios and view more of his incredible work.

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